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Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur is famous not only for its beautiful nature and seaside resorts but also for its wide range of events. No matter you go to Antibes, Cannes or Nice, each city offers you various exhibitions and parties, concerts, competitions and lots of other things.

Do you want to know what’s new on the French Riviera? Follow us and be aware of all news of the region, in our blog we will cover every aspects of the french culture.

Antibes  landscape


Jean-Luc PICHON - 22/09/2020
News of the region

Learn why Antibes is the perfect destination for your french language course.

The Tour de France

The Tour de France

Jean-Luc PICHON - 11/08/2020
News of the region

What is the history of the Tour de France and why is it so popular?

Learning French for kids

The towns and cities of the French Riviera

Ledvina - 17/10/2019
News of the region

What exactly is meant by "Côte d'Azur"? And what are the most representative cities of this magnificent region? Find out more in our article!

Jazz concert

Juan-les-Pins Jazz Festival

meriek - 19/07/2018
News of the region

Antibes and its region are an ideal place to listen to music in all its forms! Discover with us the Juan-les-Pins Jazz Festival.


The glamorous hotels of the Côte d’Azur

meriek - 15/06/2018
News of the region

Dreaming of an idyllic night or two in a luxury hotel on the Côte d’Azur? Here are some of the most glamorous places to stay in the region.


Menton Lemon Festival

Ledvina - 29/03/2018
News of the region

The Lemon Festival is held during winter on the French Riviera. The festival showcases the region’s symbolic fruit – the lemon.

The walls of Antibes

What not to miss in Antibes

Gloria - 19/10/2017
News of the region

When you come to Antibes for your French lessons, don’t forget to see the sights and check out the spots which truly define this town.

The most beautiful gardens

The most beautiful gardens of the French Riviera

anna - 31/03/2017
News of the region

On the occasion of the first festival of the “Gardens of the Côte d’Azur”, we invite you to explore nature and landscape.

Nice Carnival

Discover Nice Carnival

romain - 21/02/2017
News of the region

Nice Carnival is France’s leading carnival and has been running since the 13th century.

Perfumes Grasse

Focus on Grasse: a sensory journey

alexia - 28/11/2016
News of the region

To visit Grasse is to embark on a true sensory journey which will transport you to a magical place.

The Doube, culinary specialties

Food specialties of Nice region

zoe - 29/10/2016
News of the region

We present you with the great culinary specialties of Nice

Antibes  landscape

Five things you shouldn’t miss in Antibes

romain - 24/08/2016
News of the region

At the Centre International d’Antibes, you can have both: fun and classes in French.


Jazz à Juan

zoe - 22/07/2016
News of the region

Join the CIA for tailored classes in French and enjoy the great “Jazz à Juan” festival.

Cannes Film Festival

Cannes Film Festival: a golden opportunity to learn French

alexia - 20/05/2016
News of the region

The prestigious Cannes Film Festival rolled out the red carpet last Wednesday, and will be running until Sunday May 22nd