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Centre International d’Antibes is glad to see you among its blog readers. Do you want to learn French? Do you consider to go to France? You will find here all practical information which will help you to achieve your dreams and simplify your stay in France. Useful informations about french vocabulary, french culture and so many other things.

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French stereotypes

Demystifying French stereotypes and cliches

Ledvina - 07/11/2018
Culture & traditions

Mad about baguettes and cheese, work-shy, whiny and arrogant, while also being elegant connoisseurs of fine food... Yes, you’ve guessed it, we’re discussing the most common French stereotypes.

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St. Valentine’s Day: the lovers’ holiday

Jean-Luc PICHON - 12/02/2021
Tips to learn French

Traditions, origins and sweet nothings.

French culinary traditions

Jean-Luc PICHON - 20/01/2021
Culture & traditions

French cuisine and gastronomy

Christmas and New Year traditions and vocabulary

Jean-Luc PICHON - 04/12/2020
Culture & traditions

Discover French traditions at Christmas and on New Year’s Eve

Top 10 Netflix series for learning French

Top 10 Netflix series for learning French

Jean-Luc PICHON - 06/11/2020
Tips to learn French

How can you learn French trough Netflix series ?

Antibes  landscape


Jean-Luc PICHON - 22/09/2020
News of the region

Learn why Antibes is the perfect destination for your french language course.

Learn French

Why learn French in France?

Jean-Luc PICHON - 03/09/2020
Tips to learn French

Every year, thousands of people decide to learn French in France. Why?